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Piezotech produces electroactive polymer-based films, screen-printed piezoelectric transducers and piezoelectric PVDF gauges. Each piezoelectric sample is individually and accurately poled using our unique poling process. Piezotech supplies high quality devices with reproducible and homogeneous polarization. Our process provides control of:

  • Electromechanical performance

  • Spontaneous polarization

  • Remnant polarization

Electroactive Film Samples

Piezotech® has the capabilities to sputter 12*12 cm films of quality-controlled P(VDF-TrFE), and P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) with Cr/Au, allowing for electrode coverage over the whole film surface.

Base Polymer Piezotech® FC20 Piezotech® FC30 Piezotech® RT-TS
Thickness (µm) 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20
Poled Available Available Not concerned
Metalized Cr/Au Available Available Available

Screen-printed Piezoelectric transducers

Piezotech® team is able support your screen-printing developments with dedicated R&D equipment. We offer samples of standardized screen-printed piezoelectric transducers, allowing ease of integration into prototypes.

PVDF Gauges

Piezotech® provides PVDF gauges with 1*1 mm or 5*5 mm active area. They are suitable for a wide range of sensing applications; e.g., detecting shock and/or pressure changes. Our unique process allows us to produce calibrated sensors with:

  • High reproducibility

  • Rapid response (nanoseconds)

  • Large stress range (mPa to GPa)

  • High Sensitivity

  • Flexibility at minimal thicknesses
Description Model
Basic PVDF Sensor area S_25
S_25 PVDF Sensor with attached connector S_25C
S_25C sensor with polyester protection on both sides S_25CP
S_25CP PVDF sensor electrically shielded S_25CPB

Download our Technical Guide


The different technical guides support the use of the different Piezotech® products:

  • Piezotech® FC
  • Piezotech® RT 
  • Piezotech® FC Ink P
  • Piezotech® PVDF Shock Gauges
  • TDS Piezotech® FC Films

These documents summarize some typical properties, the general processing rules and advices and the integration into electrical devices and signal processing guidelines.