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Prototyping & Lab-scale Evaluation

We produce electroactive polymer-based films and screen-printed piezoelectric transducers for lab-scale evaluation. Each piezoelectric sample is individually and accurately poled using our unique poling process. Piezotech supplies high quality devices with reproducible and homogeneous polarization. Our process provides control of:

  • Electromechanical performance

  • Spontaneous polarization

  • Remnant polarization

Electroactive Film

Electroactive films of Piezotech® materials can be produced by ink casting.
Small film samples (12*12 cm) are available for prototyping and R&D laboratories. Piezotech® has the capabilities to sputter 12*12 cm films of quality-controlled P(VDF-TrFE), and P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) with Cr/Au, allowing for electrode coverage over the whole film surface.
Large film quantities and rolls of films can be produced with a partner by solvent casting on a wide range of substrates.

Base Polymer Piezotech® FC20 Piezotech® FC30 Piezotech® RT-TS
Thickness (µm) 10 or 20 10 or 20 10 or 20
Poled Available Available Not concerned
Metalized Cr/Au Available Available Available

Screen-printed Piezoelectric transducers

Piezotech® team is able support your screen-printing developments with dedicated R&D equipment. We offer samples of standardized screen-printed piezoelectric transducers, allowing ease of integration into prototypes.

Download our Technical Guide

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The different technical guides support the use of the different Piezotech® products:

  • Piezotech® FC
  • Piezotech® RT 
  • Piezotech® FC Ink P
  • Piezotech® PVDF Shock Gauges
  • TDS Piezotech® FC Films

These documents summarize some typical properties, the general processing rules and advices and the integration into electrical devices and signal processing guidelines.