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Relaxor-ferroelectric and High-k Terpolymers

Additional CTFE or CFE monomer units are introduced into the well-organized VDF-TrFE chains, which improve dipole mobility, and thus induce unique relaxor ferroelectric properties.

Piezotech® RT

P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) or P(VDF-TrFE-CFE) are unique relaxor ferroelectric polymers that exhibit high electrostrictive strain and high dielectric constants.

  • High deformation (directly proportional to the applied electric field squared, E²)

  • High elastic energy

  • High stress.

Piezotech® RT Terpolymer Powders

Piezotech® RT terpolymer powders are available with either CFE or CTFE as the termonomer. 

Specific composition or molecular weight can be produced upon request.

Product Name


Typical termonomer
content (mol%)

Typical melting
point (°C)

Typical relative dielectric
constant (1 kHz)

Piezotech® RT-TS

CTFE Standard composition, please contact us 122 40

Piezotech® RT-FS


Standard composition, please contact us





Piezotech® RT Inks

Solvents and concentrations have been optimized to allow for the use of standard printing conditions. 3 standard formulations adapted for conventional techniques are available. Standard Piezotech® RT Inks are formulated with Piezotech® RT-TS polymer powder. Specific inks can be formulated upon request.



Viscosity (mPa.s at 32 °c)

Thickness range (µm)

Indicative dry content (wt%)

Ink L



< 1000 0.1 - 2 7

Ink H



1500 - 3000

Spin-coat: 0.5 – 2

Solvent-cast: 2 - 80


Ink P

Screen-printing 15000 - 20000 1 - 10 17.5

Download our Technical Guide

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The different technical guides support the use of the different Piezotech® products:

  • Piezotech® FC
  • Piezotech® RT 
  • Piezotech® FC Ink P
  • Piezotech® PVDF Shock Gauges
  • TDS Piezotech® FC Films

These documents summarize some typical properties, the general processing rules and advices and the integration into electrical devices and signal processing guidelines.